Thursday, April 2, 2009


Purty beautiful mix. If you are going to include a ten minute song, make it your own. I delayed the fuck out of "Warm in the Shadows." Besides, I turned Arthur Brown into Fever Ray.

What more do you want??? Oh yeah... some crazy blurred Traxter shit and some Osmonds cum Jacksons... huh, WHAT!

D & Dub

The Osmonds - One Bad Apple (Chilled)
The Getlemen Losers - Bonetown Boys
Daily Fauli - Zoo 2
Msic Go Music - Warm in the Shadows
Os - Do What We Want
Years - Binary Blues
Arthur Brown - Big Guns Don't Lie (Slowed)
Audrey - You'll Lose A Good Thing
Skooda f/ Speedknot Mobstaz - Money to Blow (Slurred and Blurred)
Keith Carradine - I'm Easy

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