Saturday, January 2, 2010


Some tepid Jazz group used this term before - but I think it's pretty apt for my style at times. Funky black disco and jerky white angst.

Naked stair climbers and all that.

Happy neu jar.



nattymari said...

Inside Ghosts - Bells Even Brokener
Blood Group - Pro Choice
Owen Mallett - Lew Takes Action
Clann Zu - All the People Now
Painting by Numbers - Conceal Confine Tenative
Gesaffelstein - The Operator
Tafo - Kad Ley Way
Forest Magic - Family
Wetdog - Women's Final
Taxi Taxi! - Ripest Fruit

Matthew said...

I am very much enjoying your mixes and dubs. I have been trolling through your older posts and could not download this one (I can stream it though). Divshare says you need to confirm your email address? Thought you would like to know.
But on a more general note, thank you for being so dedicated to making and posting your mixes. I, for one, really appreciate them.

nattymari said...

Check back soon - I'll reup. I know there's some lost links in here (some due to some copyright bullshit that forced me to be a little more covert.) I'll make sure to get this up by the end of the week. I've been meaning to do some janitorial work.

nattymari said...
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Matthew said...

kewl, thanks! If it would save you any time, I can send you the other links that I couldn't get to work over the past few months. Mostly in your early posts. I wasn't going to sweat it because I have days of music to listen to that I could download, but if it would help you out it wouldn't be a problem.

Matthew said...

I figured it was the dangermouse copyright shite that prompted you to change your posting format. Thought that was a nifty solution.

nattymari said...

list would be appreciated.