Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I did a little guest mix for but it wasn't published. Don't know if they didn't like it or what? The blog seems slow, so perhaps they are just not posting much.

Anyway, the blogmaster had said he liked my mixes, but it wasn't really his kind of music. This caused me to stop and take stock... Like I've said: I, myself, have been getting a little too used to my own particular voice. So, for them, I made a mix of kind of noisy rock, NDW and stuff I use here sometimes, but seldom.

It inspired me to try some different stuff here. This mix is a product of that inspiration. It starts with some devilish outsider music and then devolves from there. At about 4th listen, I really like this mix. I hope someone else does too.


Lichens - Vevors of Agassou
Doug Blunt - Gentle Persuasion
Jacques Lejeune - Petite Suite (Edit)
Gorilla Activ - Montaghalle
Jeffrey Lewis - I Ain't Think
Yays and Nays - Easy Woman
Bravura - Vegetarians Don't Eat Meat
Malory - Pearl Diver
IMMOOR - Inhale-Exhale
Shmu - House of Stares


Manda said...

Oh my, It doesnt sound like dub. haha <3

msmulcher said...

Delish for buds & gardening. Been feeling africa. Reading Kenya true crime, another earlier brit invasion. Hallie Mathers' the bomb.

msmulcher said...

will relinquish all will