Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm sure a few of you older cats remember THE NICE PRICE. Columbia's way to sell back catalog at a discount. This nifty budget series acted as my introduction to so much good music as a kid. Bowie, Mott the Hoople, early Pink Floyd, Lou Reed. Almost half of my already growing record collection was emblazoned with that little orange circle with it's squirrely 70's mellow yellow fontage.

This mix has entirely nothing to do with that, except for the fact that it is the product of a mind molded on those little 40 minute gems of life. The needle... and the damage done.


Nosaj Thing - DISTRO
Weave - Weave Say Leave
Nice Girl
Invisible Conga People - Cabledazed
CiM - Numerique
Bullion - Say Goodbye to What
The Speakers - Oda a la Gente Mediocre
Elephant Parade - Riding in Your Car
Janko Nilovic - Hippocampus
John Ozila - Chant and Boogie (Pat Les Stache Edit)

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