Thursday, December 31, 2009


The celebration of yet another voyage of our planet around its Sun. A chance to step back and look for signs of growth and change.

To stretch the metaphor, our orbits get more complex over the years. We pick up satelities, develop rings. Little objects that tug and pull on our us with their own gravity. Yet somehow we keep on moving. To far away observers, our path is effortless. You have to get up close to see all that is really at work.

My life is like this... my mixes follow suit.


Siberian Railway - Watanabe
Toe - After Image
Friday on My Mind - Snowball Fight
Jad and the Ladyboy - This is the Futuristic Sound of Heartbeat
CV Jargansen - Ghetto Sved
13 & God - Afterclap
Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - Bumblebee
Cuushe - Swimming in the Room
Alias Empire - Stop Proceed
QuasiMojo - Flattering the Scotsman

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