Monday, January 4, 2010


If I like a song I may use it in a mix. I rarely know who anyone is or where they come from. Major label or not.

So Web Sherrif contacted me because I used Broken Bells in a mix. Interested, I did a little research.

BROKEN BELLS is DANGER MOUSE?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK. Aren't you the 1/2 talented asshole who made your name ripping off Jay Z and the Beatles? I saw your whiny ass on The Pirate Bay doc crying that poor Brasilians use your shit in their Tenchnobrega mixes.

You Mr. Mouse are a phony motherfucker.

For your information, Mouse... I used your track in a mix. I had to dub it out to make it sound good to me. You are the only artist who can manage to make DOOM and Cee-Lo sound like shit. You are also the only whiner that ever got mad I decided to play your shit out. I'm not going to edit a mix out of spite, but I would never support your shit.

Kiddies - if you like this fake ass poser's music - STEAL IT!!!

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