Saturday, February 20, 2010


This new mix concentrates on organic electronica... whatever that means. From live versions of IDM songs to spaced out Afrobeat jammies, this mix is supposed to bridge some sort of gap in my head between the process and the experience.

I honestly don't really know what the fuck I'm saying... I just like it. Listos in commentos.

DRENCOM (Click the Title)

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nattymari said...

Wooden Veil - Moon and Hammer
The Album Leaf - Micro Melodies
Schlammpeitziger - Konfliktfickfahig
Signaldrift - Pregnant Pause
Are Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase
Tabby Cat Kelley - Tell Me Why
Chief Boima - Shake Them Dreads
Nacho Patrol - Africaspaceprogram
Odland - The Caterpillar