Saturday, February 6, 2010


Just moved into a really nice new apartment. Old school, wood floors. Sadly, Verizon doesn't seem to like the old house. My speed are creeping somewhere around 62kbps. Sucks. I have to get a new provider... so enjoy this mix. It took like 2 hours to upload!

In all honesty, I am really feeling this one. Dark and psychedelic... but enough beat to be bumpable.


Comments reveal more ;)


nattymari said...

Dub Specialist - Musical Science
Sweet Trip - Design 2-3
Mogallar - Andalou Pop
VNC - Harm-Guitar
No Trend - Mindless Little Insects
Peter Green - Slabo Day
Junior Byles - Curly Locks/Dreader Locks
Junior and His Soulettes - Sweet Little One
Vibes - Psychic

msmulcher said...

awaiting directives