Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just spent the better part of two days shovelling snow. IN that time, Google has decided to randomly delete music blogs left and right. Seems they are leaving some of the bigger offenders online. Guess money is changing hands.

I'm rather safe. I share no music leakage... only single track mixes. Still, I am wary of how stupidly these comapnies act upon information they get from Robocop. If anything were to happen, I'd find a way to share this self indulgence with the 8 people who care. So I urge you to become a fan on Facebook - so I can update you if I get TOS'sed.

This current mix was filled with mishaps. Computer glitches and crashed programs. It took way too long, but the outcome sound effortless. Kind of like the cleared walkways and streets where I live.

Once again... click title of mix to download. Some interesting trivia lies in comments.


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nattymari said...

Unknown - Not Going to Fall for this Again
Malory - Back to the Point I Started From
Friction - Dry
Last 4 Digits - City Streets
Cloud One - Disco Juice (Re-Edit)
Pit Er Pat - Water
King Sighter - I'm Alright (Nattymono's Dub)
Under the Elephant's Skin - And Now We'll Freeze
Veronica Falls - Starry Eyes
Textile Ranch - Boys Climbing Skull (Slurred and Blurred)