Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This one is rather cosmic. I wouldn't use that word lightly. Unless it truly evoked the spirit of the pioneers of Italian psychedelia - you would never hear it come out of my mouth. It is quite dance-y too... until it is halted by the Enya track at the end.

Ready or not, here it comes!



Blondes - Moondance
Circuits - Pistols at Dawn (Tim Lee mix with some help from me!)
Combo - Zigue Zigue
Paul - Shine Sweet Freedom
Boy 8 Bit - The Cricket Scores
The Pains of Being PUre at Heart - Higher Than the Stars (St. Ettienne Mix)
Enya - Boadicea

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hello just happened upon your stuff after the egg/ screw connect...must say yer set is usually not my vibe but couldnt help really enjoy the superb taste and eclectic side of lives of songs and dance slowed and slurred and filtered good!!

thanks a ton!!! and chk sanitymuffins out maybe throw us a sm mix one late night while filtering some ty 3's...best, christopher