Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm quite fond of this mix. Some really good prgramming and dubs. I've like Coyote since I first heard them on a Cosmic Balearic Comp... but this edit of Crosby and Nash is insanely great. Don't know too much about My Tiger My Timing - but I'm loving their track off the Arthur Russell tribute.
And before the year is over - I just want to mention that 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Baia Boy are becoming my favorite 'record stores' lately. Visit them - you'll get many of the tracks I'm using without my dubby wankery all over them.


Soft Words Traverse - Yield
Crosby & Nash - Lee Shore (Coyote Edit)
Deerhoof - Blue Cash
Guther - A Brief Encounter
D - Pulse - Prekransa
Free Enterprise - Make It On My Own
My Tiger My Timing - Arms Around You
Petit Mal - Song to Shout in the Ruins
Pepe Agosto - Morado (Subeena Mix)


spindroi said...

Don dada cum laude. Or something.

Again, it's been awhile. But here I am, downloading this mix. Hopefully this will be "music to my ears" as I study through the night.

Cheers bud, stay doing it.

nattymari said...

Good to see you Spinsy... keep coming back... it works if you work it ;)