Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dude at Egg City Radio ( just discovered the mastery of Robert Earl Davis. Of course, I'm always eager to speak endlessly about the virtues of Screw and his legacy. Sometimes, though... it's better to let the music speak for him.

I upped a grip of great gray tape rips on his comments page (alliteration, HO!)... but I thought for this little blog I'd do a proper mix of some of the better production tracks by Screw and the SUC. I'll not put artists in the tracklist... but featured are 3-2, Sam Houston Boyz, ESG, Keke, HAWK, Mike D, Fat Pat, BAM, Botany Boys and all the usual suspects.

Yep... I slurred and blurred it all for good measure. A few roughish spots, but I did it quick and it's a tribute to Screw, so it shouldn't be perfect.

From track one, this mix will disprove any critical denial of the lyrical skill of Texas street rap. This shit oozes talent and emotion. The simple art of pitching the tracks down releases even more.
Enjoy... I do.

Swanging in the Deck

Leaving You
Swang Down
No Problem
Down in H-Town
Swangin and Bangin
Rough niggaz Bible
Screwed Up Click

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