Sunday, July 25, 2010


US was supposed to be Michael Landon's last series. Only a pilot aired and our Angel died a month later. The plot involved an innocent man who served 18 years on a murder charge before being released. He then reunites with his son, whom he never knew. I guess the series was going to basically be the same as Highway to Heaven, except with an awkward father-son dynamic.

It made me cry, nonetheless. This mix has nothing to do with any of this. It does, however, start with Gummybear remixing Jacka in ways I never would have thought (slowing it up, then using STRETCH to speed it back up, but preserve tempo.)



nattymari said...

Gummybear - Planned Parenthood
Naturetone - Karakuri
Schlosser Rechts - Tuo Men Xiong Haopengyou
Goes Calypso - Ingen Angest
Tortoiseshell - This Girl (Canyons Dub)
Mystery Bear - NYC Balloon (Jensen Sportag Remix 1)
Cinema Verite - Under the Midnight Sun
Indian Jewelry - Excessive Moonlight
Horrid Red - Transplant - Streets

Anonymous said...

whats up nattymari! mead here, been a while. happy to find your blog. still listen to your mixes from years ago. hit me up at

nattymari said...

Now this man here is a SELECTOR!!! And of course you would happen upon this mix. I described it to my friend as sounding like all the members of Wicked were spinning at the same time.