Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been Witch House... I've been LoFi and dream pop and all that shit. It is nice to see like minded lunatics having fun with music though.

New series, all mixes related to one of my heroes... Mr. Michael fucking Landon. Got that down home Pa Ingalls shit for you. This one reeks of a 5th generation cassette smuggled out of cosmic disco... that is if Lil B and Caribou could possibly be on the playlist.


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nattymari said...

Active Child - When Your Love is Safe (Slurred and Blurred)
Boxcutter -Acebass
Geile Tiere - Liebst du Mich
Washed Hands - Datsun Dream 1980
Caribou - Odessa
Lil B - I'm God (Slurred and Blurred)
Gangja - Koalition
Clapan - Old Cool