Friday, October 2, 2009


Another blurry escape from the chaos of reality. This one seems a tad optimistic. Like Arthur Russell, the first time he got of the bus in Manhattan... Iowa corn seeds still stuck in the cuffs of his jeans. He was 24 before he hit Manhattan. Schooled in buddhism and turned out by Allen G. He'd be dead before 45.

The body of work in between, though, is incredible. Like so many others, it would be years before the world realized he didn't just leave a mark. He left a stain.


Yoshimo - Yunnan Colorfree
Karen O andthe Kids - Animal
Jah Division - Dub Disorder (With a Dub Nudge from Judge Natt)
Research - East Wet Axis
Sticky Jones Gang - Tunisian Ride
Macabro - See You Never
Arthur Russell - Wax the Van
Woolfy Vs. Projections - Writing on the Wall
Volcano Chior - Husks and Shells

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