Monday, October 5, 2009


I spent three days perfecting (hopefully) this mix. I used some old Scratch techniques and drained it of a lot of bottom... giving it an old car speaker sound. No presets... just hard handiwork.

Why? The confusion and sadness inside of me is leaving me hollow. I have always been impressed by DJ Screw's ability to convey sadness. Hopefully I, too, can convey feeling within the scope of a mix. This mix is unanswered questions, mixed messages and static. Suspicion and despair, tempered with happy bells and twinkly hi-hats.


Angela Aux - Numenheit Ohne Nume
Synthesizer Sheikh - The Fade
Lawrence - Miles
Kaoru Inoue - Esc
Walter Jones - Living Without Your Love (Nattymari Sucks Levan Dick Mix)
Morgan Geist - Lullaby (Natty's Blue Car Speaker Dub)
Ray Luv - Born Hustlas (Slurred and Blurred)
Fang Yuan - The Look

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