Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Been sitting on this one for a few days. Took a little time to program it correctly... at first it really was the mess of the emotions in my head during this time. By listening and reworking the sequencing... it actually helped me rework some of the sequencing in personal life. Pretty cool neurotarot style, huh?
Anyway - it starts off sad love and pet sounds and tapers into something a little more dreamy and hopeful before slumbering to the ground in edgy mock-Smiths despair.


Black Sun - Chicago's Dawn
Meredith Monk - The Tale
Anchor & Braille - Calm Calm Calm Yourself
Little Toys - Flowers in Your Hair
James Yulli - How Could I Lose You (Fire Version)
Kris MEnace - Idiosyncrasy
Dolle Jolle - Balearic Incantation
Love - Like a Sunset (Animal Collective Mix)
Wild Beasts - This is Our Lot

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