Saturday, September 26, 2009


Cheese Hess. I really don't want to turn this shit into an emo blog. It's about the music. But mixes tell stories, right?? Well here's the story of a resident alien, Valentine Fricking Michael. It's fucking hard to have to sit in a house you've called home for five years and feel like a stranger. Emotional terrorism at it's finest = the world's worst torture. The next millenia's armies should use love as a weapon.

Hopefully this mix conveys the anger, hurt, sadness and desolation inside of me at it's inception. Like any true time capsule, it doesn't get Artaud's stamp of approval until it hurts! It's brash, tinny and doesn't make much sense. Just like my life at the time of this b log.


Bark Cat Bark - Chardon 1,2/Ezerville
Orgone Accumulators - Don't Panic
Oto - Bats
Tipper - Swipe Dub
Cheveu - Hello Friends
Fuck Buttons - Space Mountain
Boris - Buzz In (Nosaj Thing Mix)
R. Lorenz - Francis and Friends
Los Gringos - Nippon Samba

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