Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dunno who these guys on the cover are... nor what their album sounds like... but it popped up on Google when I was looking for images for the mix.

Another really good mix in my humble. This one came pretty effortlessly too. Nice transitions and some really good use of dynamics. Some freaky shit, J-Pop noise, library funk, Bear funk and more.

The first of my How He Do mixes... dedicated to how me do.

Tracklist will come.


Gary Wilson - You Think You Really Know Mr
Wool Strings - Let's Get Away From It All
Experimental Little Menkey - Me Aburres
Adrian Juarez - La Delgada Virgen de los Jacintos
MAkeshivt Kity - 7th Heaven
ooIoo - Honki Ponki
Altz - Orympia Rocks
Shut Up
Angela Aux - We the Space (Slurred and Blurred)

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