Monday, September 21, 2009


Why is disco so delicious and dark? A delicate question. My current theory is that it is musical cocaine. A partygoer said it best in the Levan doc "Maestro." No matter how shitty your week is... you can simply get on the dancefloor and feel free for the next few hours. Another key factor is that it is the product of some of the most depressed and drug-addled minds ever. Seriously fucked people attempting to make 'happy' music. Whatever it is, I love it and it suits me.

This mix is pure New York. Dirty levels and shaky bassbins. The soundtrack to a John Hughes film starring Jeff Stryker... with lots of blow and ass sex. Grab a straw...


Adrian Juarez - Hasta Grecia en Triciclo
Ali Renault - Cuffs
Memory Control 1 - Basic
Beautiful Swimmers - Swimmer's Groove
Wolfgang Reichmann - Wunderbar
Sauveur Mallia - Future Vision
Extraperlo - Tus Palmas
Washed Out - New Theory

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