Thursday, June 4, 2009


Alright. I fixed this. Levels and transitions. Sound really good now. I'm pretty durn harpy wid dis un. Everything seems to fit rather nicely and a little tale is told.

The superficial stuff lernt:
Indie emo shit sounds great at Screw tempo.
Weird Tapes disco gets groovier with a little double tap echoplex.
That broken Haze shit is me JUNT!
FREAKY TALES beat kills at slomo all zee thyme.
Damian Lazarus is original nuttah!


Windmill - Shuttle (Sluured and Blurred)
Memory Cassette - Last One (Friends' Mix)
Broken Haze - Rebuild
Flunk - Karma Police
Pastor Troy and Goodie Mob - Lumberjack (Slowed)
Damian Lazarus - Bloop Bleep
Solex - Solex Snag
Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over

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