Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here's the mix, tracklist and all. I really like a lot of this... although I probably painted myself into a corner with that Kat Hanna track... I do like how it transitions into Nathan Fake though.

I really love Tara Simmons take on the Art of Noise. I slurred it up too... but opted for the regular speed mix. I'll post the slowed one later. I love being able to use a Beta Evers track, and play with it a little, as I used to know Brigitte on the interweb quite a bit. She's a vet over on the Global Darkness board ( If you care about real analog synth music, you should get over there every now and again.


The Psychic Paramount - Auxillary Threads
Tara Simmons - Shake
Liechtenstein - Reflections
Joe White - Peace Pipe Dub
Blue Jungle - Oh Suicide
Bratmobile - Cool Schmool
Nathan Fake - The Turtle
Beta Evers - Move in My Body Rhythm
Moon Birds - Psychozoa
Krikor and the Dead Hillbillies - The Edge
Carlo - Trapped in the Attic

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