Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here's another one. Really sweet. The Omar S. song is a bit dirty, but it's in the original mix, it's a raw Detroit type track.... real lofi tekno.


What a Woman
Melodium - Turbulette
Clutchy Hopkins - Turtle Rock
Omar S - I Love You Alex
Pea Sized - Cat Song
Mr. Bentley - Greener
Lee Scratch Perry - Gudrun Dub
Lord Scrummage - Dead Dogs
Desire - Mirror, Mirror
Wrugs - Join Us Together
ESG & Slim Thug - Get You Hands Up (Slurred and Blurred)


spinsane said...

Hey man, I had your RSS feed saved on an old account I was only using at work, so I forgot to check the blog. Got damn, I'm glad I refound it!

I'm playing catchup, starting with this mix. It's great stuff. The breadth of your music knowledge is astounding, and your taste is great. Listening to these is as FUN as an educational experience can be. :)

Thanks for doing these man, keep em up!


nattymari said...

Thanks, Herr Ascii! I appreciate it. Check out the newer ones (the Flannery O'Conner series.) I'm really excited about the new mixes... they are taking much longer to edit... but the end result is as close to recreating my own personal headspace as I think can be managed.

spinja said...

Sounds pretty awesome!

I've clicked around here and there in the RSS feed, just to get a grip on the updates and seen you talking about exploring using space and such in mixes more "current" than this. Unfortunately, I've been listening to this mix all day, and only know do I feel comfortable moving onto the next. Even though it's saved to my hard drive. :)

This will take awhile. But that's good. It's definitely making my creative juices flow. Thanks.

ALSO: I love this Lord Scrummage track!

nattymari said...

this mix is pretty much hand dubbed by me as well. I just think I'm getting much much better at it as of late. Anything from this year is pretty much heavily remixed by me... most of the echo is mine - with the exception, in this mix, of the Clutchy Hopkins and Scratch tracks... those were pretty perfect as is.