Friday, July 24, 2009


Last of the Tarantino cycle. Tell him to make more movies... you'll get more mixes. Two Sir Paul tracks from the phenomenal McCartney 2 LP. Always amazing to hear in retrospect how innovative dude was. This was his eccentric synth lp. I did nothing to CHECK MY MACHINE... although I did do the dubs on WATERFALLS.

Like said waterfall... methinks this mix flows pretty nicely. Where in the hell has the hip hop gone.... mabe only Aceyalone knows?!?!?!


Paul McCartney - Waterfalls
Raven - Presumption # 1
Retrigger - Raining Blood
Circulatroy System - Tiny Conerts
Rainbow Arabia - Let Them Dance (Bremmer Mix)
The Jezabel - disco Biscuit Love
Silk Flowers - Birds of Passion
Mat Young - Barn Burning
Paul McCartney - Check My Machine


msmulcher said...

c o m m ent

like the biscuit mix yum

nattymari said...

thanks... but you can thank Heather and Hayley and co... I simply added a little bit of delay to bring out some of the boom boom. I was thinking of editing out the rocky breaks to make it more dancefloor, but the track stands on it's own.

mat said...

I like your mix of my song Barn Burning! This is a great mix my friend.

nattymari said...

Thanks Mat - comments like this means everything to me. My approach is very minmal... in the spirit of the true dub pioneers. Just the right amount (hopefully) of echo and delay.

Thank YOU for an amazing track!!