Tuesday, July 7, 2009


New mix. Yes, there's a Jackson 5 song on it... and a monster at that. Not some sort of tribute... in fact, the death of Michael makes me mourn Arthur Russell more. A quick listen to his work really illustrates that his influence on music is so vast. "In the Light of a Miracle' does, in 13 minutes, what an entire mix by Hardkiss, Sasha or any other DJ does. It's people like Russell and Tubby who changed the music world. Let us mourn them, as well.

True, Michael exposed the race barrier and broke it... but do people even now realize that the entire modern music world owes everything to a few young men in Jamaica in the late 60's. Does your average hip hop or electrnica fan realize that they listen to music that is inherently homosexual????

Just a few questions.

Onto the dub and funk.

True Romanse


Nattymari - Fractured haloes
My Gold Mask - Bitches
The LK - Blakboy vd. the Snow
The Monks - Drunken Maria
The Jackson 5 - Hum Along and Dance
Zap Pow - River Stone
Rubies - Diamond on Fire
Boudewijn de Groot - Eva
P.i.L. - Fodderstompf

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