Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sorry about that. Hopefully the chronicle of my little glitchy remix career has been entertaining. Here's a pretty nice mix for you. Crammed a lot into thirty minutes. Almost thought it would sound podcast - but it flows pretty nicely.


nattymari said...

Tecra - Lush
Sanmi - Kira Kira
Hype Williams - Problem Chalice
Ya Ho Wa 13 - Ho
Botany - Feeling - Today
Modern Blossom - Post Meridian
Deathday Party - Light Fields 1
Teenage Reverb - Where Did the Summer Go
Rock That Ship

asciigod said...

Adding to the ipod now for a long drive as I welcome nicotine back into my life. (It was either that or booze!). I request an all hiphip/gutter mix (or 10). Hook it Grandmaster Mari!