Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was actually thinking of putting out the tracks from recent mixes a few weeks ago. Just in case people wanted to play around with them or use them. Well I didn't, and now I feel a little bad. Dude from ELECTRIC ADOLESCENCE tried hard as hell to live mix my PARTY GIRL remix into his Halloween mix, and I feel like a turned a seriously perfectly beatmatched mix into one with a little trainwreck. I get it - been a real dj fan long enough to know that that means he just HAD to have the track in there. Still, if I had gotten these track sep bootlegs out quicker - perhaps he wouldn't have had to try so hard.

Here's the first. These are the raw tracks I use in the mixes - so there may be some spots I worked on post mix. But its a bootleg, and that's just how it is.

I'll try to get the other mixes out like this soon 4 people.


asciigod said...

Listening to the mixed version now. This was the first appropriate time for me to do so; set and setting. Wonderful, hypnotizing, elegant. O_x

asciigod said...

All the bullshit's for the birds, you ain't nothing but a vulture. Ha ha ha.

nattymari said...

I just heard the remix of that Usher and Andre drops hella verse on it.