Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sounds from the original Cyberspace... this radio programme sounds like it comes right out of Chiba City, Cargo Cult capital of the world. Kraut prog... shoegaze... a weird German Rush tribute band playing a cover of an Uncle Meat track with the Brecker Brothers... minimal African dubstep and deep new romantic synth folk.

Put your black gear on, boot up and jack right in. The ride's a bit bumpy... but the rhythms will rok you.


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nattymari said...

Hans Hasso Stamer - Sonnenrad
Kaki King - Spit It Back in My Mouth
Elephant PArade - Goodbye
Cpt Kirk - Puscher
Dragging an Ox Through Water - Snowbank Treatment 1
Bibio - Jealous of Roses
Midnite - Walk Wid I
Guillamino - Kyawktada
Halogen - Not the Remix
Blak Gear On