Thursday, April 15, 2010


I did this mix a while ago for LuckyCloud's SANITY MUFFINS blog. They never posted it, nor did they tell me why. Guess they thought it sucked. They asked for it - but I'm not mad at them.

Me? I liked it a lot. I tried to make it a bit more suitable to their musical tastes, but still managed to maintain my signature. It forced me to break some routines I had been picking up. It also inspired some of my mixes after (APP SLEEPNEA and SINUSOIDAL PRESSURE come to mind.)

Since it never got posted - I figured I'd share it here.

MANATEE STUFFING (clixtodltraxincmnts)

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nattymari said...

Dan Friel - Green Lights
Kim Fowley - Face On the Factory Floor (Slurred and BLurred)
DAT Politics - Re-Folk
Vitamin Wig C - Sunset Air Zone
Rock Feller - Skin Of Tigers (Natty's 50/50 Mix)
Ela Eis - My Clown
The VSS - No Hands
A Frames - Experiment
Ensemble Pittoresque - Artificials (Slurred and Blurred)
Mika Miko - Challenge the Throne
Fungi Girls - Kowloon Walled City
Chrome - Eyes in the Center