Monday, March 1, 2010


Organic funk for dat ass. Really... no synthesized sounds... just analog smell!

Tracklist?? Comments??? Wink wink.

GAMMA POP (Click Title)


nattymari said...

Uniform Motion - Rain and Soil
Nicodemus - Angel Dust
Gutter Parties - Sashi
Yellow Fever - Donovan
Candy PAine - Turn Back Now
Parts and Labor - Don't Just Fucking Stand There
Bob Dylan - I and I Dub
Wolfmother - White Feather (Tiedeye Remix Meets Nattymari)
The CroMagnon - Crow of the Back Tree
The Zombies - Zombi
Dave Bixby - Morning Sun

Anonymous said...

i feel so lucky to hear your stuff. it sounds purrfect on my set-up. On behalf of all inter-planetary record headz with ears, I bestow thee the 2010 oscar for the best crafted ride, and soundtracxs to life. signed, your bitches