Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This mix is in three movements. Why don't DJ's do this more often? Working within this blog, I've come to really appreciate negative space in mixes. Everyone tries so hard to keep things chunking along continuously. A good story has an arc... and so should a mix. I'm not saying there aren't some tremendous mixes that are thoroughly beat-matched, there are. Still... those long pauses, where the reader takes a breath and lets his mind wrap itself around the last chapter can be magical.

This may not be magical... but it's mine.

I'll track ya tomorrow!



Psychedelic Furs - Flowers
Temple of Doom
The 4the Way - Far Side of Your Moon
We Fell to Earth - Light's Out
Escher - Snap Dub/Carlos Santos - Pepa
Skream - Midnight Request Line/Carlos Santos - Autoretrat
MJG - Whatever I wanna Do (Slurred and Blurred)
Turn On - Jumbleo Palipsest
Super Extra Bonus Party - A Midsummer Night's Cricket Disco


Fritz said...

I agree with you entirely about pauses adding to mixes. A bloke by the name of James Holden did so just before the last track on Planet Rose 2005 and Piknic Electronik.

nattymari said...

Nice looking tracklists... can you download or stream anywhere???

Fritz said...

Certainly. Piknic and Rose part 1 and Rose part 2. And I've noticed a typo in my first post. It is of course Planet Rose 2006.

nattymari said...

I will check them out. Just ran across his name a few more times today... must be fate.