Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just made this mix. I id3ed it and check levels. Sounds good. Labored over it for a few hours... but haven't given it a full listen yet.

Take it. It's yours. The first of the new series.

I'd listen now... but just got a copy of the documentary DUB ECHOES... and I must watch now. Much too important.

Pretty rain outside. I can hear it through the headphones.

Sellasie i!

EDITED! Changed a track and fixed sum levels. mooch betta now!


Alu - Big Fon
Death Sentence Panda - New China Blazers
Fink - Nothing is Ever Finished
Krikor and the Dead Hillbillies - Serpico's Wallet
The Gris Gris - Skin Mass Cat
Damian Lazarus - Memory Box
Lawrence - Jill
Urbs and cutex - No Escape (Slowed)
Joker's Daughter - The Bull Bites Back
Danny Ray - Fire Redder Than Red

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